September 14, 2018
2 months and 24 days left
until our reunion.
  Starting last yeat the Tj reunion 68  Committee has planned a reunion to celebrate the Class of 1968.  As well as the Class of '68 we would love to have any other Alumni, especially those of 1966 to 1970, at our events,except Saturday's dinner.  Friday is the opener at JL's Cheers, and Saturday a Tour of TJ then picnic at EisenhowerPark. Saturday evening alumni and spouses/guests of the Class of 1968 will gather for a reception and dinner at the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality on the DU Campus. We are using the same videographers that the Class of '67 used to capture our events. There will be copies of the video you can purchase.

Please use the classmates section of this website to pass on information about yourself to your classmates. Also there is a favorite memories section for your TJ years, and photo album page. Deceased classmates are listed under not forgotten, and not found has those we had no correct contact information for. 
Most importantly, let us know you are coming on the RSVP page- events listed
separately so have to do all four for the weekend-sorry.
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